Monday, July 13, 2015

Some statistics

9,461 miles total. Averaged 44.4 mpg which is pretty good considering I was running most of the way at 80 mph with the air on. Plus mountains. Love my Prius! 

22 states plus a corner of Wyoming and, of course, PA. 

Graciously housed by 17 friends/families. Lunched/suppered with 8 others. Met in person 14 internet friends/families. What an adventure. Couldn't have done it without everyone and am most grateful. Humbled by your generosity. Amused by the number of folks who followed my adventures. There are still many photos to blog so stay tuned. I may be home but the experiences I encountered between 3 and 9 July especially will linger perhaps forever. As will the memories of the wonderful friends I have.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

8 July 2015 - Kirksville to St Louis

The day began with Morning Prayer at Trinity Episcopal in Kirksville, MO with M.

From Kirksville I drove to St. Louis, MO to meet B at Trinity Episcopal where she is involved with the food pantry. Sometimes I wonder if somebody ever got mad if another parish used Trinity or All Saints before a newer parish could register it. There seem to be so many of both. I took photos of the church while I waited.

Afterward these are the critters who shared my birthday with us.

And my gracious hostess.

11 July 2015 - Architecture River Cruise and Art Museum, Chicago

Today K and I almost missed the Architecture River Cruise thanks to the closed streets associated with Taste of Chicago. Thank you, blessed guardian angel! That is expensive! but well worth doing. The guide explained all the types of architecture visible from the river, complete with architects' names, plus some of the history of the city.

Here are some of the buildings:

This one is a work in progress.

Yes, those are cars parked on the lower levels of the corncob. Handy. 

This creature decided it needed a rest and landed on his shoulder - twice.

Of course ever wanting his name out there...

We had a bit of lunch along the river then visited the Art Institute to see the Charles Ray sculptures. Visitors were not allowed within three feet of each sculpture and guards were there to make sure nobody violated the space. A beep sounded if one did. I don't know if it would be worth the price of admission but K has a membership so we just paid for valet parking. We wandered around a bit then decided old knees had had enough. The steps down/up to the landing were many.

It was a cloudy day but pleasant.

The itch to get home is bugging me.

10 July 2015 - quiet day

I spent much of the afternoon with E whom I've known since Beliefnet days. We had much to catch up on. You will see her at the top of the prayer list on my blog - always. She gave me a tour of the renovations taking place at All Saints Episcopal Church, a wooden building.

Lots of green fencing and scaffolding.

They need to raise a bit more to finish the other side of the church.

K came over for supper.

It was a quiet day.

Monday, July 6, 2015

6 July 2015 - Eagle Butte to Sioux Falls via the Badlands

The day started in Eagle Butte, SD and ended in Sioux Falls, SD. It's a wide state.
In so many ways PA is such a nanny state! Can you imagine 65 mph in a construction zone especially without a jersey barricade?

Photos taken in the Badlands. It was very cloudy unfortunately.

I don't think anyone else saw this guy. They were looking the other direction. I think he was an antelope.

It was suggested by a friend that I visit the Corn Palace so I went looking for it and took this photo for him.

M and I think the cows are crazy. Even in the hottest weather they clump together usually in fence corners. There is no room between them.

I took this to show her that there are some cows which don't do that.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

5 July 2015 St. Thomas, On The Tree

The service got rained out at On The Tree so it was held at St. John's, Eagle Butte this afternoon.

Most of the service was standard form BCP with the hymns and some responses in Lakota. The Bible readings were changed slightly to allow understanding in the congregation's terms.

At the beginning of each sermon she asks the people what they have heard. One woman said, "Children", which made us chuckle as they were rather loud. Another had quite a bit to say and a man explained what he had heard. Fascinating and very useful, especially when dealing with people of a radically different culture.

So now the funerals begin again. Pray for these people and especially for those who minister to them!