Monday, July 13, 2015

Some statistics

9,461 miles total. Averaged 44.4 mpg which is pretty good considering I was running most of the way at 80 mph with the air on. Plus mountains. Love my Prius! 

22 states plus a corner of Wyoming and, of course, PA. 

Graciously housed by 17 friends/families. Lunched/suppered with 8 others. Met in person 14 internet friends/families. What an adventure. Couldn't have done it without everyone and am most grateful. Humbled by your generosity. Amused by the number of folks who followed my adventures. There are still many photos to blog so stay tuned. I may be home but the experiences I encountered between 3 and 9 July especially will linger perhaps forever. As will the memories of the wonderful friends I have.

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