Friday, June 12, 2015

11 June 2015 The Grand Canyon tour

It took some exploring on the internet but I figured out where the tour expected me to be. The people at that motel were kind to let me leave the car there. I booked at the wrong Travelodge. For more than one reason. Who was I to know there were three on Rt 66? I was happy to see a smallish 10 passenger bus pull up. The group was from outside Chicago, Cleveland and Seattle. The guide was amazing as he was not only well-informed but had hiked and rafted the canyon numerous times. He's been a guide for 9 years. 

Our tour started with the volcanos around Flagstaff. I had no idea this was all volcano country. I took some notes but only one photo for some reason. Immediately regretted forgetting my hat tho I was wearing my sunglasses. Our tour guide explained the types of lava and the history of the area. The grey bald side of this volcano was rather haunting, I thought. The angle of the sun didn't help the photo.

There was snow on them thar mountains tho most of it was gone by the time we got back to Flag. The San Francisco Peaks were visible almost all day.

Another volcano.

I bought my expensive but much needed hat here. The pueblo has mortar provided by the government park services to keep everything together. The original structures used no mortar and are still standing tho not in good repair.

The storm passed us by with just one small deluge while we were on the road.

This is a petroglyph because it is incised into the rock. Pictographs are painted.

We had lunch here - fry bread tacos and raspberry iced tea for me and most of the others. Lots of kitsch to browse and just enough time to keep us from spending much. Guide told us to buy here because it would all be more expensive at the canyon. 

The Little Colorado in the background. It is a gulch. A gulch is deeper than it is wide. A canyon is wider than deep.

And then there was the Grand Canyon. Our first stop was at Lipon Point. Then Moran Point then several short stops for photos.

Tusayan Museum

More threatening clouds avoided us. I think this storm is the one that finished off the snow.

Don't see many signs like this around. Our guide said he has only seen one cat in all his years in the canyon.

This is one interesting place to take a selfie. Duck on a Rock. The bill is ok but it has hounds ears.

Our guide knew the perfect place to take photos like this and the gals took advantage of it.

He kept telling us to look for antelope. We saw no wildlife beyond lizards and buzzards until we got to the resort area. This pregnant gal was munching alongside the road totally unconcerned with the traffic. After that we saw a number of antelope but no males.

One final photo.

And my selfie.

I would definitely recommend one of these day trips. But then I'm not much of a tourist.


Cheryle said...

So glad you got to see the Big Ditch! It's one of those places that defies description - one just has to see it in person.

Interestingly, Anne Lamott was apparently touring there the same day. She's in a bit of hot water over some insensitive tweets about Caitlyn Jenner, and that's why I know she was there!

Not sure what your time frame is, but if you can on your way to Portland, you should really see Crater Lake. It's another of those see-it-yourself natural wonders.

Safe travels, my friend. I'm enjoying your blog.

IT said...

Oh yeah, crater lake. A bit out of the way to get there, unfortunately.