Thursday, June 4, 2015

4 June 2015 Chattanooga to Birmingham, AL

This morning while Bonnie was at the doctor's, Tom showed me around Ascension Lutheran.

The speakers at the front are not used by the Lutherans. A Seventh Day Adventist congregation uses the building on Saturdays.

Lucky and Charlie seemed to be getting used to having me around.

Goodbye, Tom and Bonnie. Thanks for everything, especially the trip to Sewanee.

I encountered this at the Alabama "Welcome" rest area. Yes, we dare defend our rights - at the expense of others' rights.

The drive on I-59 was green, green, green like driving down a green tunnel that had occasional but far apart scenic breaks.

This poster in the library irritates Allie. She said the photo was taken for some other purpose.

This is for Cynthia.

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forsythia said...

Who can forget that truculent motto that "welcomes" folks to Alabama? You wanna say "Okaaaaaaay, is there something about the governance of this country that still troubles you?" :-)