Wednesday, June 17, 2015

17 June 2015 - San Francisco Zoo

Today was San Francisco Zoo day. I love zoos if they have adequate cages. Those of you who have followed my adventures over the years know I often photograph indigenous ducks and dandelions where I find them. No dandelion photos. I did see the mallards in the first enclosure. Ha.

Many strange and wonderful plants. I photographed a few of them.

I don't know what the bird is. This is as close to the zebras as we got. One eventually stood up.

The gorilla kept trying to cover himself with this blanket but finally gave up.

The cats and the kangaroos made me laugh. Mom had one strong opinion of zoos. A place where the animals you most want to see are all sleeping.

The wolverines were running around and around.

The capybara.

The anteater.

I don't know one of these from the other but I can recognize the ostrich. He's in an earlier photo.

He was trying. But she kept wandering away.

We rode the train.

This one has to be tranquilized. The cassowary is mean.


My nephew missed this. He said he has never seen the koala awake.

The beach was far too wide for me to seriously consider walking over to dip a toe in the Pacific.

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