Monday, June 29, 2015

27 June 2015

The concert seemed to go quite well. The conductor was enthusiastic about it. I'd go almost anywhere I could afford for a chance to work with her again. She is sooo cool. She knows how to deal with it all. And the heat. She's good. 

It was fun to have a friend at the concert - the gal I stayed with the night before registration. One of the loyal alumni also attended on her way home from BCI in Ireland. But BCI folks don't count. 

I apologize for taking so few photos this week! I didn't take any of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. I didn't even know I sort of knew the musician until I looked at the website just now (Sunday night). Hmmm. I think I was too tired. This knee and foot problem is making me feel very old. I was grateful to be able to sit thru the concert and so were my friends in our row. 

I had a wonderful roommate and thank the BCI staff person for assigning her. 

Not sure I would go to Portland again. The distances we had to walk were good. The rehearsal facility was good. The dorm was marginal at best. Temperatures approaching 100 and no air conditioning. One night I just didn't sleep at all. I was too hot. The fan just blew the hot air around. Even tho I had my white washcloth with my tan towels and it was obviously not like any of the provided ones, complete with a purple initial, they took it. They did not exchange the bath mat and they didn't provide fresh sheets as promised. They left this for my roommate.

The food was ok if you like college kid food. Tater tots frequently. There were maybe 8 breakfast cereals - all but one sweet. It was Special K or something like that. Once in awhile they had oatmeal or maybe they ran out of it frequently. They kept running out of salad stuff. I believe they had too much going on. The lunch line was horribly long. There were no spare people to keep the hot food trays filled let alone the salad bar. The staff was friendly tho. BCI people are spoiled.

Other than these picky details, it was a great week. Wonderful friends, old and new. Great music making despite the heat. And I may have lost a few pounds of water. Ha.

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