Saturday, June 27, 2015

26 June 2015

Trinity Cathedral in Portland is HOT!!! I did not feel well all day. Not sure why but suspect naproxen. Thought I would switch from ibuprofen. Ugh. 

Rehearsal all day. Walked a ways to a deli for lunch. Need to walk more. Lots more in spite of the pain in my knee and foot. My hips hurt since I haven't really walked in a year or so. I can walk that out but the other stuff gets in the way. Hate getting old!!!

Had a delightful visit with a friend who was once on the BCI staff when I was and a fellow Westminster Choir College grad. Met 3/4 of the women in his family. He made a wonderful salad for supper. Exactly what I needed after the heat and uncomfortable feeling during the day.

SCOTUS gave us wonderful news this morning regarding the ACA and marriage. There were some cheers at breakfast when the latter was announced. We are all tired of battling for equal rights for all citizens but the fight has just begun, it seems. People can still lose their jobs and/or be rejected in many circumstances simply because they love someone of the same sex. Keep fighting.

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