Wednesday, June 10, 2015

9 June 2015 Fort Worth to Abilene to Clovis

It was difficult to leave Maritza and her three kids this morning. 

These were the clouds I saw as I left Fort Worth.

I was told the trip would be boring. Actually it wasn't. Google took me off the interstates on 84 primarily. I don't like that because I miss iExit which tells me what is coming at the exits. It only works on the Interstate System. But the changes of scenery were interesting. At least to me. Sometimes I wished I had company to discuss what I saw with. There were photos I would have loved to have taken but couldn't. Two Cowboy Churches. A stretch of road with little canyons that reminded me of a stretch of country in Canada that the train traversed. There was one place where the hay bales looked like home except they had a refinery in the background. 

For one stretch there were windmills everywhere. Hundreds of them.

And many pumping wells everywhere, some only maybe a few hundred feet apart.

It doesn't show up in the photo but there was a stretch where there were "mesas" all topped with windmills. 

In Abilene I waited for JA to pick me up at a museum. I liked the iron buffalo sculptures.

We had chai lattes before I got back on the road. We have known each other online for many years so it was good to meet in person. She actually lived a couple of blocks from us in Sharon, PA years ago.

I drove to Clovis, NM before stopping for the night. This fist sized critter was hopping around outside my room. There was a smaller one near my car. 

I spent the evening figuring out what to do next. I may not have much time to blog. I'm driving to Flagstaff tomorrow then taking a bus tour to the Grand Canyon on Thursday. Friday I hope to drive to Chandler, AZ by way of Sedona. Then on to San Diego on Saturday.


Cheryle said...

You'll probably see more wind farms as you cross into southern California, as well as when you leave Portland since there are quite a few in eastern Oregon. I first saw them near Palm Springs/Palm Desert, and find them quite lovely.

I do know what you mean about wishing you had someone to talk to about what you're seeing. I just enjoy new things so much more when there's someone to share them with!

You're making good time. Enjoy the Big Ditch; it's worth the stop!

forsythia said...

I'll never forget the comment of some British friends after they'd seen the Grand Canyon: "Too big."