Monday, June 22, 2015

22 June 2015

Weary. Lots of walking. Ugh. But I will endure.

Good rehearsal this morning. I had forgotten that Karen Thomas never looks at us but above our heads.

The food situation is, um, interesting. There are other conferences and a bunch of kids. The cafeteria is not set up to handle this many people with ease or speed. Last night they ran out of food. At breakfast there were no cereals without sugar and the lines for other stuff were eternal. Lunch lines were worse. And the food is not very good. But that's ok.

The other Shelly, with whom I roomed in Austria, is here. She suggested going to the Rose Garden this afternoon because it is supposed to get hotter each day until Saturday when it should be 100 for our concert in the hot cathedral. We were advised to get short sleeved white shirts. Anyhow. My roomie came along and we fiddled around until the map and Google got us there. We couldn't find a parking place and drove around and around until someone finally pulled out. We parked and a woman came up to us and gave us a parking pass because her husband had put the wrong number in the machine or something like that. Nice.

Some of the roses are almost past their prime but the variety is astounding. The colors are sometimes subtle and sometimes spectacular. Roses of all sizes and kinds. It was quite beautiful. I could probably go again as there is much more to see. But I won't.

We stopped at Safeway on the way back and picked up some crackers to go with the block of Tillamook cheese and wine I was given. Fortunately the fridge is fixed so it is cold again.

Off to dinner. Then rehearsal. Maybe some flowers will be added here tonight.

The sun was really too bright to take good detail but here are some of what we saw.


Cheryle said...

Oh, so glad you got to see the rose garden! It really is spectacular, even when the roses are starting to decline.

Fran said...

Spectacular!!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Linda McMillan said...

Wow... such variety. Like a choir, I guess.